ID Solutions

Today’s businesses retain a lot of commercial and personal information. From credit cards to email addresses; scans and images, much of this information is highly sensitive and should be shared, stored and destroyed in a correct and lawful manner. It must also be ring-fenced and secured against cyber-attack.

ID is an expert advisory company that provides a wide range of commercial, operational and technical support to enable our clients to establish adequate defences as well as meet complex regulatory data requirements. We offer many different services, covering all areas of best practice information management. They include:

  • EU GDPR Implementation
  • Data Protection Officer Services
  • Legal Services
  • ISO Implementation
  • Infrastructure Defence and Testing
  • Investigations
  • Audits
  • Management and Staff Awareness Training

ID is a provider of expert services that help organisations to perform in today’s complex marketplace. Our industry sector consultants assist companies globally with comprehensive solutions that not only deliver results but ensure your internal expertise is developed and sustained through local collaboration and knowledge sharing. From regulatory compliance to information security and business optimisation, ID provides the right people in the right place, at the right time.

Industry Sector Expertise:

  • Aviation / Aerospace
  • IT Information Security
  • Transportation
  • Supply Chain
  • Communications
  • Government
  • Education

ID Compliance

The protection and management of personal and commercial information has become a critical business function. It is not only a new legal requirement, for regulations such as DPA 2018 and EU GDPR, but it has become a measure of the quality and value of your organisation. Our industry-specific Data Privacy Governance Frameworks and Professional Privacy Practitioners will ensure you become and stay compliant.We also offer a full spectrum of ISO implementation expertise.

ID Information Security

From data breaches, to insider threats and ransomware, cybercrime and cyber-attacks are increasing daily. The threat to revenue and reputation is immeasurable. Many companies find themselves without the right knowledge or expertise. at their disposal. ID Defence Frameworks include:

  • Threat Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Incident Response
  • Protective Monitoring

ID Legal

Protect your greatest asset from complex, evolving regulations and legislation. Our legal Compliance and Risk Solutions keep you up-to-date with global compliance issues and best practice, while helping you implement and enforce new standards in your organisation to keep everyone safe.

ID Optimisation & Transformation

Could you do things better, smarter? Is your organisation strategically aligned and functioning at full potential? If not, we can provide an integrated operational and strategic fitness plan that will produce game-changing results. We excel in digital transformation, using Data Analysis and new ways of working to create a leaner, fitter organisation that improves sales, productivity and profits.

Your Specialist Advisor: Philip Adams, Senior Vice President.

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