Digital Transformation is quite the ‘buzzword’ these days. From Smart Phones and new services such as PSD2, it’s on every boardroom agenda. The problem is that ‘Digital Transformation’ means different things to different people. ID cuts through the jargon to not only explain what true Digital Transformation really is, but to deliver lasting change and growth.


Digital Transformation isn’t about introducing more technology or networks, it’s about getting your organisation to respond successfully to the challenges facing your business. You don’t need a big budget or expensive consultancy reports that tell you need to spend more. ‘Big budget’ transformation failures are everywhere. Regardless of sector or size, true Digital Transformation is affordable and open to every business. From family-owned businesses to global corporations, ID is assisting dozens of customers with true Digital Transformation. They like the results because we do it differently – it’s transformation with a different depth, focus, intent and purpose.


Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into every area of an organisation. It changes how you operate and deliver value to your customers. It’s a cultural change that requires organisations to continually embrace new opportunities, to be agile and to be responsive.

The change in company culture is the greatest challenge. As an innovative company, ID not only understands the technical, legal and operational challenges of true Digital Transformation, but the cultural shift that’s needed to make your organisation Millennial-ready. It’s about changing hearts and minds. It’s about working from the ground up, as well as the top down. It’s about being innovative and responsive, one step at a time.

The ID approach is a systematic, researched and tested path to true Digital Transformation. It is a collaborative approach that acknowledges your uniqueness and leverages your existing assets and talent base. Our core objective is the success of your business.

So, whether you are taking your first steps into business change or you are burning through consultancy cash on a ‘big name’ but seeing little return, contact ID. We’ll get you on track and build your future together in a way that’s permanent, gets you where you need to be and doesn’t cost the earth!