ID Analytics – The Edge On Data Protection and Privacy

Business organisations should concentrate on the detection of threats and damage mitigation, rather than solely relying on defences that are supposed to prevent them from happening in the first place.

It’s important to focus on the signs of the first steps of an intrusion and have the visibility and means to immediately respond to any suspicious activity from the earliest stage.  ID will help you leverage analytics and machine learning solutions, so you can document and generate alerts for any abnormal activity.

Attacks are not only increasing, but becoming more sophisticated, specific and targeted. Your opponent can and will create a customized method of attack to compromise your environment. Unfortunately, when traces of ‘bad actors’ are detected they already long gone with sensitive commercial and personal information.

Traditional IT Security methods are no longer effective, organisations need real-time visibility of their data environments, with supporting and intelligent analytics to reveal risk factors and exposure, indicators of compromise and data exfiltration activities in real-time.