transportData Consultancy

iD LAB delivers innovative data consultancy, projects and staffing support services. Our success and strength is based on our core competencies in Data Analytics, Data Visualisation, Machine Learning and AI. iD LAB platforms include MS Power BI, Azure, Tableau, LOOKER and Pyramid Analytics. iD LAB currently operates in several industry sectors. Projects include data optimisation, dashboard development, Big Data analytics and anomaly detection.


iD LAB is a UK/Ireland-based independent data analytics laboratory. We do not ‘push’ any one data platform or solution. From consultancy and design; from project delivery to support, we deliver what is best for our customers. And, if we can’t offer a solution?… we will recommend another data solutions’ partner.

The iD LAB team consists of a multidisciplinary group of data scientists, analysts, visualisers and engineers. They are seasoned, international professionals with experience in several industry sectors including government, retail, finance, insurance, leisure, media and entertainment.

iD LAB provides expert consulting in a range of Data Science and Machine Learning techniques including predictive and behavioural modelling for pricing, forecasting, text mining, and optimisation tasks. The tools we use include R, Python, F#, Advanced Excel, DAX and D3. Our extensive expertise also embraces data migrations, cleansing, merging, enrichment and reporting using best-of-breed data tools. iD Lab services can be provided on-site or remotely.

iD LAB is a creative data laboratory. We experiment with all data types, forms, aggregations, intelligences and devices. This includes Machine Learning, Ai and robotics. The iD LAB is as much a ‘lifestyle’ as it is a creator of great data-driven solutions and devices. Members of the iD LAB join both a company and a community that excels in technical creativity, innovation and excellence. We also work for equality of opportunity for all. This includes a proactive stance towards community and environmental renewal as well as skills development for the unemployed.