Intelligent Datalytics Data Science is a team of Data Research Experts with strong computational, mathematical and statistical skills who can provide advice on experimental design, programming, statistics, and data analysis.

As EU GDPR  Professional Practitioners, we conduct all data analytics and research ethically and responsibly. We take Data Protection very seriously and we will not misuse, share or sell your personal data without asking for your permission first.

Our skills include: Data Science, Data Engineering, Security, Infrastructure, Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Python, R, Hadoop, Power BI, Tableau, AWS etc. We offer:

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Social Media/Trend Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Video/Security Analysis Facial Recognition
  • Anomaly and Fraud Detection
  • Surveillance and Technical Operations
  • Strategic Analysis and Capability
  • Predictive Maintenance

Working with the Intelligent Datalytics Data Science Team

Data Collaboration

We have an intelligent, proactive and collaborative approach to data analytics that brings clear benefits to our clients. We listen carefully to understand your concerns, working with you to deliver a bespoke data solution to support you in achieving your goals. We believe in establishing long term working relationships based on honesty, reliability & trust, rather than looking for short term gains. Our solutions are personal and specific to each data science project. We will take the time to understand you, your team, your organisation and listen to your concerns and help guide you in planning data-driven decision-making. We can also help you implement a Data Project Process and Data Team Structure within your organisation.

Data Mining

Different parts of the Data Project Process require different skills. For example, data collection and storage require more engineering skills whereas analytics requires a mix of coding, statistics and businesses knowledge. Using our agile, ISO compliant, Team Data Science Process, we will assist you  through each of the the four major steps of data analytics:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Storage
  • Data Analysis and Data Science
  • Strategic and Tactical Decision Making

In addition to mining your data we will turn your data into meaningful information by different research methods such as cohort, funnel, segmentation and predictive analysis.

Data Dashboarding

A data dashboard is an information management tool that tracks, analyses and displays your key performance. It monitors the life and health of your organisation as well as specific processes. A data dashboard is the most efficient way to track and communicate multiple data sources. Real-time monitoring reduces the time spent on analysis and long lines of communication that lead to delayed decision-making. Imagine the difference it could make to your organisation’s management reporting, customer responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness etc.

Data Distribution

Data visualisation and distribution brings data to life. It helps to clarify opportunities and threats more easily by making sense of geo, mobile, online and operational trends. With spreadsheets, it is often difficult to detect patterns in the data, see the bigger picture, and make sensible business decisions. Data visualisation helps you to spot trends and identify anomalies. Data visualisation also facilitates information collaboration within your organisation, developing a richer and more efficient, contemporary workplace environment.

Data Security and Integrity Assured
With Intelligent Datalytics Data Science, the security and integrity of your data is assured. All Intelligent Datalytics staff are qualified and accredited data professionals. They are also background checked with appropriate security clearances. Our professional data team also includes several qualified Data Protection Officers – trained, certified and accredited under EU GDPR standards. In addition to this, we use a Secure Data Exchange Network. It is contained within a Level 5 Secure Network Operations Centre where data exchange activity is monitored around the clock.


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