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The iD LAB – 4 Steps to Data Heaven!

007 had one… now you can have one too! iD LAB is ‘Q’ – a division of Intelligent Datalytics Ltd.

iD LAB provides Consulting, Data Platforms and Support Services to help our clients turn their data into Business Insights (BI) creating new revenue streams, improved product and service offerings, along with operational efficiencies for bottom line savings.

With iD LAB you can securely and collaboratively transform trusted information assets that deliver business value to the right people at the right time. iD LAB PDF


1.0 iD LAB Strategy

    • Defines the business case and identifies sources of data for gaining business insight
    • Evaluates the technology for  data platforms and tools
    • Develops your Data Implementation Plan


2.0 iD LAB Implementation

  • Migrating structured data from existing applications
  • Collecting semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Designing and building your data platform


3.0 iD LAB Visualization

  • Designing and developing analytics
  • Constructing dashboards and KPIs
  • Predictive modeling and analytics for business insight


4.0 iD LAB Data Management

iD Data Management helps you manage your Data Ecosystem – big or small – to become a more data-driven and data-focused organization by:

  • Combining and blending data from a variety of external and internal sources
  • Integrating data where one source successfully maps to another, enabling powerful data analytics
  • Delivering data where and when the business needs it – batch, near real time or real time
  • Identifying data opportunities
  • Exploring data Trends
  • Developing a long-term vision for data