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The iD LAB Data Team are at the core of our business. They are the driving force of what we do. Along with partnerships giving us access to exclusive data, the iD LAB Data Hub is where brilliant minds come together to make bold ideas come to life. We use data-driven insights to guide our work and support out clients.  iD LAB PDF

iD LAB is also an independent integrator. A trusted technology partner, iD LAB collaborates with clients to deliver solutions driven by their identified needs. With iD LAB you are assured of the highest standards of technical expertise, enhanced by our solutions’ partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Pyramid, Tableau, Looker and others. iD LAB also uses both open source and proprietary software tools for data analysis.

FullSizeRenderCustomer Service
Frieda is our receptionist. Frieda is often the first contact our customers have with the iD LAB. Customer Service is at the heart of everything we do. We don’t buy-in to a lot of words. Actions always speak much louder than words in our book. So, our Customer Care focuses on three simple but powerful things – honesty, responsiveness and doing the best possible job at the best price for our customers. That’s it. And, guess what, it seems to be working!

iD LAB Leadership



Stephen Loughrey (President). An experienced corporate executive, Stephen is the founder of several successful companies in the UK and USA.




Phil Adams (Senior Vice President)
An experienced data technologist with international experience in technology transition management and software management. His clients have included many international broadcasters such as the BBC, VOA, CNN and Singapore Technologies. He has delivered software projects in the USA, UAE, Bahrain, Asia and South Africa.


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Clive Lemmon (Chief Technology Officer). Clive oversees all technical aspects and technological resources of iD LAB. He is also responsible for technological vision and leads our IT development. Clive has many years of international experience as software and network engineer. He has also delivered projects in both the UK public and private sectors.



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Vidhya Ranganathan (Senior Analyst). Vidhya leads our data analytics, visualisation and dashboard design team. An experienced Data Scientist, Vidhya is also responsible for harmonising analytics with business strategy.




Dr Ken Adams (R&D iD LAB). Dr Adams’ research interests are Data Mining to look for hidden relationships in answers to Likert scale questionnaires, by using heuristics such as Choquet integral to measure interaction; and data reduction using principle component analyses and R.